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demo shopping spree certificates

On-Line SpreeMe Gift Certificate Manager

This on-line database tool dispenses SpreeMe Gift Certificates right from your own web site. You can manage certificates, shoppers, and it links to the SpreeMe Administration area on the SpreeMe Shopping web site so you can manage your Shopping Store.

SpreeMe Gift Certificates are discount shopping awards that you can give to your clients and customers as a Thank You for their patronage/membership. They redeem these right on-line.

You award a certificate from here, and the awarded receive an automatic email with their redemption code and link. They just click on the link and it brings them to the on-line shopping site with their code in place so they can start shopping. The certificate has a value that is determined by you, where the shoppers can purchase using a little at a time or all at once!!

The SpreeMe site reveals a demo and the products that they offer. All the redeemer pays for is the shipping/handling charges.

This particular example is a Flash based system built for a Linux/MySQL/PHP system, this tool can be customized for Windows Server/ASP/SQL.
Customized packages can also include your logo, colors, and other custom default settings.
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