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portfolio multi-media

Western Refining screen shot of video intro
Red Steel - Ubisoft Video Player
168 k
(note: Go to Media, Movies)
Short company introduction for video conferences. Presented here in Flash format. Delivered media was AVI format.
Video player for Ubisoft web site game review
(subcontracted with Justin Chornenky Design)
CD / DVD/Video
The following samples are graphic depictions only of the media highlighted. The actual media is high quality format and not suitable for web presentation.
Church Arhchives CD
Professor Lester Thurow DVD
Josh Watler Music Video DVD
Jasmine Talent Show DVD
50 k
49 k
49 k
67 k
Historical document electronic archive   Video presentation by expert in Economics and Management   Music video by local artist, Josh Watler   Home movie of 5 year old performing at talent show.
Duplication and labels   Duplication and labels   Duplication and labels   Video/DVD edit, compilation, menu, duplication, and labels
Homestore Thank You Electronic Greeting
Homestore Thank You Electronic Greeting 2
Birthday Electronic Greeting
Halloween Holiday Electronic Greeting
96 k
436 k
261 k
223 k
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