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design compact disc

   Xzone9 presentations delivered on a compact disc are totally versatile and a valuable asset for digital media. Low costs for materials and reproduction, this small and durable gem will show full screen photographs or video complete with sound and music to enhance the viewer experience.
   Compact disc players are owned by just about everyone with a computer as a standard utility. Xzone9 can even create CD's that play on a DVD player!!

   Here are a few schematics to help choose the right medium -

Standard Compact Disc hold 650 mb of digital media. They are about 4 1/2 inches in diameter. Will play in ANY compact disc player, including stereo units and automobile if containing audio.
Mini Compact Disc is a smaller version of the standard. It holds 185 mb of digital media. It measures about 3-1/8 " in diameter.
Business Card Compact Disc is simliar to the Mini CD except it is cut to be almost the size of a regular paper business card. It holds 50 mb of digital media. It measures about 3-1/8" by 2-3/8".

-All of the above play in any computer compact disc player-

    Compact discs presentations are great for playing on a portable or laptop computer as a sales and marketing tool; or as a kiosk for trade shows, events, seminars, and conferences to add impact, movement and eye-catching interactive effects.
  CD's can be custom labeled or printed, and they can have custom sleeves, inserts and jewel cases which can have advertising, graphics, logo, etc. - just about anything!! Just take a look at the Xzone9 Portfolio and see how the little bit of magic goes a long way.
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